Software development bootcamp | Understanding How Tech Job market works

It’s heartbreaking to see students (generally from Non-tier 1 colleges) being taken advantage of by random training centers, courses, “institutions” for lakhs and lakhs of rupees in the name of getting good jobs where the professors/teachers didn’t even work in the industry. Another way for these sham institutes to siphon money is by asking for part salary after getting a job.

Do you wonder how they know the current interview process, what to learn and not to learn? The simple answer is They Don’t, yeah, and I am not even joking. Still, every day students get enrolled in such places, and after a few months, they get to know that it was a waste of time. So, let’s start with what I want to do.

Who am I?

I am a software development engineer with more than 5years of experience currently working in one of the biggest tech companies in the world. You can check about page for more information. I did not come from a tier-one college and had to struggle a lot to get into big tech companies. The reason is that nobody in my family and college knew how the industry works. Cause my professors generally came from research backgrounds and my parents were not into IT.

But after 5years of staying in the industry, I feel like I have come to know a few things that would’ve helped me if I had known it beforehand. That’s why I am trying to share these pieces of information which I have acquired over time.

What is this? What to expect from this?

It will be an ongoing series of classes tackling different aspects of software development without diverting from the original goal, getting into the job market. I will be sharing my experiences and knowledge in those classes. I will also be sharing my thoughts on the industry and how it works.

To make it a little bit concise, I am going to try to do three things.

  1. Help you understand how interviews work. Which will in turn help you come up with your own strategy dealing with this. I will give examples from mine as well as my colleagues’ careers.
  2. Help you pick one of the technology stacks you like and will go through with it to make multiple projects. This will not only be developing it will cover from planning to deploying and different tools like git, ci/cd, docker, Kubernetes along the way.
  3. Practice Data structure and Algorithm together which you need 100% to crack big tech companies like Amazon, Google, meta, Netflix, etc.

This will increase your overall skill as a software developer but also not hinder you from cracking those hard interviews.


  1. I will ask my friends from different tech companies to take classes once a month to give you a different perspective.
  2. Will take you through command line usage cause developers mostly work on command line and rarely use mouse. Cause its way faster.


I want to say that you will need only curiosity but that would be a lie. I would need you to know some form of coding and general knowledge about tech beforehand. I will take an intial round of interview before you can really enroll. Also, its better if you are atleast in Final or Pre-Final year but there is no upper limit.

Check out these technicalities:

  • If you are already a professional then this will be valid for Software Development Engineer positions. Not, Data science.
  • At this time I want constrict the geographic area to Kolkata/West Bengal only. But that being said, If you want to do remotely then it will not be much difference.
  • I will take extremely limited number of students

What will be the cost and what will be timings?

See, you have to understand that I don’t want to make money out of this (Also 30% tax is not a joke). I initially planned to keep this free but that way students will not take this seriously (this is human psycology). So, as a compromise I will take charge around 1500/- per month and will help you get into internships(if interested) so that you can earn that(and way more) amount yourself. But, students who are not in financial condition to pay don’t worry just call me and we can figure this out.

The Slots will be in be in Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday timings will be case by case basis. I would encourage people to do the classes remotely because of Covid and commute is just waste of time. But, if you want to come you can.

Questions? Contact Below:

Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp/call(whatsapp preferred): +91 9748545189
Google Map: Here
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